Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Night ...
we went trick-or-treating to just a few doors but spent the night with our good friends the Clayborn at their Church carnival. It was amazing! and so much fun I wish my kids and my legs could have lasted longer. Lorin is Moses if you couldn't tell, he got lots of laughs. Lindi = Sleeping Beauty/ Trey= Tiger / Allie = Pumpkin / Me = A Rainbow

Carving Pumpkins-
what a fun tradition! Lorin did it all with the kids. He even was the one who took them to pick their pumpkins out one Saturday while I was out working on Prop 8. He is such an awesome Dad!

Ward Halloween Party!

I loved this picture of Mimi and Allie, we are surely going to miss my family they are moving to Utah officially this weekend. I'm excited for them, they need to be there.

I don't know if this was bad, but with all the Prop 8 that was going around I was a Rainbow for Halloween and then ware a Prop 8 pin on my shirt. So I was a walking contradiction. I thought it was funny. Most people just thought I was dressed crazy and didn't see the rainbow anyway.

And....WE WON the battle!!! Prop 8 Passed!!!!
The Lord had a huge hand in it.

I just love my little Tiger. He is getting into the I want to do everything myself stage and it is soooo fun. I open the door and then have to shut it because he wants to open... and this is just one example of many. He is my ultimate Joy one second and then my death the next.
Wow...for 2 year olds!
Allie's 1st Birthday
Lindi was far more excited for this day than Allie. Lindi walk up 1st thing and asked when the party started and when we got to open presents. I didn't have anything planned so I called in my good friends and their kids. Between the 4 of us we had 11 kids and ALL 4 were pregnant. It was crazy. Here is a picture of all the kids but one, and one of my good girl friends.

This is my Favorite way to see my kids!!!
We love Books!

This is Lindi with Erin and Sophie-her little preschool.
We were making necklaces and working on learning patterns.This is a classic picture of Lorin in the Morning. He works so hard and gets up so early to teach seminary...some mornings he just lays back down on the couch for a quick 15-30 min cat nap. Today his hair was crazy so I took a picture to remember these early mornings for him.

Allie Walking

Since I have been bad with writing...Allie had a birthday Oct 9th and turned 1 year old. Also she learned to walk and here is a little clip. Late Halloween Night after about 4 suckers. She has so much personality. We sure love her.


Since I haven't been the best blogger here is an update from our trip to
Utah for Business

Saturday when we got up their Erik and Erin, Lorin's Step Brother had a reception up the Canyon it was so beautiful and lots of fun. There were a wide range of people their which made it so fun... I loved all the Bickers the best.

All 4 of us decided to ware yellow; it must have been the color of the day. Also Congratulations to Tash! She is expecting another baby!!!! So one again we'll have a few cousins for this baby.

Lindi- Peyton- Makayla- Paige

Hanging out at Granny's house with Uncle Sam for conference.

One day Trinnie and I took the kids to "This is the place monument" It was quite fun… we had 5 kids and were both pregnant. It was a slow day and we were able to see a lot. We basically had a personal tour. This picture is in the old school house. Lindi and Peyton practiced writing their names on little chalk boards.

One day I got together with all my cute cousins
Ashley- Andrea- Tenely- Mollie- Nana- Me- Allie
We had all our little kids, it was amazing to see the next generation and how posterity truly grows. My two aunts, Shannon and MaryLee came a little later as well. I have such an incredible extended Family.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm doing a Tag

I just looked at Katie's Blog and saw she was tagged. I tag who ever wants to to put in your 4th picture in your 4th picture folder. This is mine I was the Bear leader in Cub Scouts in AZ and this is at one our our activities I'm 7mts Pregnant with Trey.