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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pick a Favorite...

I have a wall with a picture of Lindi in her Blessing Dress, Me in my wedding Dress and now it is time to have Allie Join the wall... Please let me know which one is the best. Thanks
(Also I can crop so just look at her. ...cast your vote)




Kiddy Kandids by ME

The other day I decided to take some Pictures of my Kids Mainly Allie and here are some of my Favorites. I Set up a sheet and took over 200 pictures. It sure saves Money this way vs $4 a sheet at a studio. I do think that my kids are darling.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Post a Sticker of Our Furniture Site

Okay... so I don't want to lose friend over all I talk about is FURNITURE but, I feel this is what I eat drink and sleep these days.

Help us get the word out! On our Blog to the Right there is a picture of our Furniture which is a Link; Under that it says "post this to your blog" If you want to help us out, and get the word out there is a step by step instruction on there. Thanks Everyone. You are all amazing.

or just click here

And keep scrolling because I did add more than just this post...finally!

Pictures to go with my letter to Abi

I can't send these to Abi But I added them Because Pictures are my Favorite this to share.

My update...Letter to Abi

Okay so I decided I stink at blogging so I wrote my sister Abi a letter of an update and decided just to share it so you all know what i have been up to.

So I have been a slacker with writing you. I feel like my days all blend together and I never have enough time for anything. Ever since the Lord directed us in building a furniture web sight I have been up late hours and spend any extra time working on adding product or getting out name out there. This week I decided to have a sale out in front of our house, the weather has been so nice and I thought it would be a good marketing tool...well it wasn't I got tons of furniture...bunk bed, 5 coffee table sets, two beds, 3 tables...ya tons and didn't sale a dang thing. the day was cold and windy, none of my signs stayed up and most people just wanted to pay like $50 for stuff. Our furniture is cheep but not for free. We have over 1000 products now from 5 different wholesale furniture places.
The website look amazing because of Lorin. , very professional I can't believe he as done it all. I no you aren't supost to look but if you want or have permission it is

I don't want you breaking any mission rules...Obedience is better than looking. But we have had the site up about 3-4 weeks and have made 2 sales totally with out doing a dang thing. Just walk up one morning and saw we made a sale to someone in New York and one in Texas. It is pretty cool if we can just keep finding ways for people to find us on the internet and through the Lords help we will be able to support our family.

so here is the run down of the kids
Lindi--- Loves to have Emily do her hair. Is doing so well with her little preschool we had it at our house this week and she is so smart Her little mind puts things together so well. I took my 3 kids and Sophi to the Zoo and it was a huge Hit I went with another Mom with triplets and a newborn so we looked crazy with our 8 kids all 3 and under.

Trey-- is into David and Goliath right now and want to watch or act it out all the time. it is pretty cute to pretend he has a sling in his hand and to through his rock and see who ever he hit fall down, as if they were Goliath. also to see him fall down is so cute. He is so picky about what he watches it is amazing to see how he loves the scripture movies. He is 100% Daddy's boy. He also is talking so much more. He learned "Hello" Saturday ...this is his newest word. It is crazy to think he will be two in two weeks.

Allie is so strong she is only 7% for her weight but rolls and will stand up or sit up with a little support. It is a good thing she is so strong since her siblings play with her all the time. She ate Cereal last night for the first time and I hope it helps her sleep through the night.

I have been busy with preschool, Faith in God, Cleaning up a friends house, Furniture is my job to do the books and wow I have a ton to learn. Also I started up a park play day for our ward and had 15 moms there this last week. You would also be proud of me I opened my mouth and shared the gospel, or at least tried the family is coming for dinner this week. We'll see what comes of it.

Lorin is a gimp right now he hurt his foot playing basketball. He now has two new foreign exchange students in his seminary class so that make it so he teaches 3 non members every morning and it is Awesome. Building this furniture web sight has been a real payday for him. As he is still building Video Seminar Live but as it takes time to build we will be able to have some income and some small victories along the way.

It is incredible to look back over the past few weeks and see the tender mercies of the Lord. I have such a stronger Testimony of the power of prayer. How when we are specific and want something if we just ask he is so willing to give. Abi you are so inspiring, I look forward to reading your letters each week. It helps bring me back to the basics of Why I'm here on Earth and what really matters in life. We pray for you every day. If we forget Lindi reminds us and we have to say another quick prayer. I love you so much and now it is 10:00pm and I have got to get to bed.

Thanks for your example and testimony - Love Kelli