Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Making a difference with Proposition 8....
Our leaders have asked us to now "SPRINT" to the finish line. There are FOUR weeks left until election day and they are
asking us to give at least FOUR hours of service to Prop 8 each of the next 4 weeks, and more than that if we can. They are also asking us set aside the hours from 9am until 2pm on Saturdays for making calls,standing on street corners with signs or going door to door. If those hours are impossible for you, Do it when you can!!! Every bit helps. They also suggest using the internet as
a tool for making our voice heard. In fact, they said to speak to every person we can about the importance of preserving marriage and religious freedom. We were also asked to pray privately and publicly that Prop 8 will pass.

How we can follow our leaders and spend 4 hours a week and Saterdays to get this passed!

1. Blog....Places to do so...or how
(This is something you can do if you don't live in CA)
Simply go to ..MSN... and type in "Blog and Proposition 8" You will have endless places to add your views. and comments. Here are a few to start if you want.

2.Walk neighborhoods tell your neighbors!!

3.Wave signs on street corners (Steve Fogg have signs to wave... get a group of
friends and family together and go wave some signs for a few hours in the evening or on Saturday

4.Email friends
This isn't just our battle anymore, please let everyone know we need thier prayers, support, and donations.

5.Write to the paper

6. For Halloween trick-or-treating with Prop 8 signs on you as your costume.

7.FAST!!!! PRAY!!! then Fast and Pray more!!!!

8. Add widgets to your personal blog, facebook or myspace...
this is a great one to start with