Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My New Project

Lorin and I are creating a Furniture Web site!!!! it is Cheap and good Quality we can send product anywhere in USA...

Tell your Friends. Every day we are working to add more Product and make it Ready but since you are all my friends you can see it in the making. And you can start ordering early....at....


Click and see!!!

Five Star Source!!!! is our New Company!!!

Please tell anyone you know who is looking for Furniture. We have incredible shipping rates too!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas in Utah!
We had a great 2 weeks up with family
- Lance Tripp's blessing (Spencer's 1st)
- Cousin parties... acting out the nativity.
-Lindi constantly pretended to me Mary the whole trip
-Temple Lights, With Lorin's Dad
-Lunch with Grandma Driggs
-Christmas Eve with the Taggart Fam.
- Allie's Blessing
-Christmas morning Lindi's fav. was her make
-up and I went through 4 pair of paints because Trey just keep throwing up he was so sick.
-Family Pictures with the Browns
Visit with Tiffany K.
- Birthdays ...Brett, Patrick...and Dad.

We had a great Holiday!!! I'm still trying to catch up on live! I love the Lord and know he lives!!!!
(ps it's Lorin's Birthday on Friday if any of you want to call him )