Saturday, June 27, 2009

May-June Update

We are loving these summer days.

Clovis has been sunny and not too hot, making it for an incredible last few weeks. We have spent lot of time outside, on walks, picnics, and at the park or pool.

Lorin= A picture of Dad at work, with catalogs every where. We are just about to launch a much better web site for furniture. Can't wait for you all to see the new and improved sight.
The kids love it when he comes home from work...or downstairs/opens the door. Seminary has come to an end...bitter-sweet! Lorin has truly loved teaching these kids. This picture was taken on the last day and only half were there. He taught New Testament to about 23 kids.

Kelli= Life is truly full of picking up toys, changing diapers, wiping faces and feeding kids. I try hard to take the advice of my great friend Joy who always says, "These are the best days! just cherish them." I figure if I repeat that over and over I'll live for today and not wish my kids to be bigger. We have been swimming a ton and playing hard. I am able to accomplish so much more not being pregnant I feel like a new woman. Instead of doing one load of laundry a day I now can do like 5 and maybe clean one bathroom. Lorin and I went on a fun date "where is waldo" and dressed up for our Young Women and Men at the Mall. These our our costumes. The Man with the pink hair is our Bishop, Bill Barlocker. He is and awesome sport. Lorin and I also went on a great date this month up to the mountains and out to eat with our friends, the Lenzingers, on our motorcycles. We also went to an incredible Turtle-Bird Zoo.

Lindi= Just celebrated her fifth birthday on May 3rd. We had a party at the park with a few families. We played red light green light, duck duck goose, penny penny who has the penny and had a pinata. Lindi is so easy to please. Lindi is our little card player! she now asks all day long to play cards. She likes progressive Rook the best. She really gets it! She knows to slough off the bad cards and to hold the good ones and follow suite. It is lots of fun to play. Trey plays too, but is lucky when he gets what he calls. Lindi is so excited to go to school we bought her a backpack and she is pumped. The other day she filled out a whole math fax sheet! She is great at addition.

Trey= Has become our little fish! After a few swim lessons he has taken off. He loves to dive and jump in and can swim a good 15 feet. He isn't quite strong enough to take a breath, and we are working on the turn and float method. Trey has aged a ton in the last 8 weeks it is like he is big now. He actually helps clean up the toy room and loves to unload the dishwasher. He is a little wiz at working Lorin's "I"Phone. He loves swords, guns, dinosaurs and spider man. The picture off him in the armor is from a family night as Lorin taught about putting on the full armor of God, Trey loved it.

Allie= Is one of the big kids now. She doesn't like swimming, but keeps up in all other areas. She loves books, SHOES, coloring with a pen, and Tucker. She loves to use the word "no" and has quite the little attitude. She likes things done her way or else it has to be done again. This is hard at times for Mom, because she doesn't reason or bargain. Allie is our little light that keeps us all united.

Tucker 6 Mts Old

Tucker is our little Joy!
He is learning to roll all around, will sit up now in a crouched position, eats oatmeal cereal one a day, constantly gets attacked by Allie, loves to jump in his bouncer and gets loads of kisses from the whole Brown Team. He is so easy to please and is always smiling.