Thursday, August 21, 2008

It'S a BoY!

I took a picture of me just to give you a picture of my tummy.

Getting to the half way point in Pregnancy is huge!! Not only because it is down hill from here but because of the awesome 20 week ultrasound. I am continually amazed at the incredible miracle of BIRTH and how the Savior allowed us as women to be a part of it. God allows us to be co-creators with Him...WOW!!! Today I was reminded of my roll as a woman. So often the world or feminist try and take on lots of rolls, however there is none greater than the one of being blessed to be a mom.

The Fun of Pregnancy...we all have something we can complain about ! Mine is Varicose Veins This is a picture of my right leg from the front and the back
( sorry for those of you who think this is nasty...well I guess it is.
I really am in my twenties not in my nineties.
I made the pictures small so you didn't have to see them too close)

My 3 cuties in the tub!
Getting Clean after a hard long day of PLAY.

Caitline my darling friend called Friday and said she was on her way to visit for the weekend. I was so excited. She is in her last year of nursing school in the Bay area. She is a person with so much strength and confidence in knowing what's meaningful and going after it.
We taught her some games, went to a ward swim party and watched a lot of the Olympics. She is so cute with my kids,
I love her to pieces!

This is a Picture just before I was about to do Allie's Hair. She has a great Mohawk!

Allie is my big climber as of late. She climbs up onto our couch and then can't get down. She is also way sick right now which has been a miracle because it is the first time since she has been born. It is hard being helpless as she is coughing up a storm.

Trey is potty training in action. He is always naked and working on going to the toilet or in the dirt out back. Monday we are starting with Big Boy Underwear. I can't take the diapers all over the house any more.

Lindi is an avid colorer. She works so hard at every picture. She has also become so much more obedient. She is in love with 'Real' make up and jewelry and doesn't like the fake stuff at all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pismo Beach- Camping at the Sand Duns

We got to go to Pismo Beach with some friends in our Ward the Lenzingers and McCauleys. We had a blast camping on the Sand Duns for 5 days. We sure got sandy but it was well worth it. My Parents and 2 sisters came down Saturday for the day and got in on the fun. I was nurvice to camp with 3 little kids but it was nice having the Lenzingers camper there to warm up bottles and use the bathroom. Allie ate tons of sand. Trey got to be profetional at throughing the sand. and Lindi was able to drive a quad all by herself! She was also the first to jump into the freezing cold ocean; she is shuch the dare devil. Lorin got sweet you can see from the pictures and I did a lot of talking. It is so nice to have such great friends to share their awesome toys and make memories. I hope they will have us again.