Monday, December 3, 2007

Some Updates from the Browns

Lindi could have Sophi over everyday if she could! These two are the best of fiends and are just like sisters.

The Mister Trey Dog Keeps us Happy-with Uncle Sam... Pooping the the Tub, and making crazy faces. He is honestly such a Joy. He is obsessed with the Wii right now and wants nothing more than to hold the controller all day long... even when he eats.

Lindi loves to get all dressed up!! Today we crimped her hair so it would look beautiful for

Thanksgiving. We had 5 people to out house and had enough food for 30 it was great for left overs. And Yes I learned to cook my first Turkey.

The day after Thanksgiving we went to a small mining town called Colombia, where they dress up like in the old in days. Mark Ellis my moms cousin took us, He is a stud!!! We were privileged to make Candy canes from scratch it was a lot harder than it looks. It was a fun day out... and we were nerves with 3 kids and lots of driving.

This is Dad and Lindi after getting their "Scripture Power" ... but this time it was more like "Sleepy Power"

Jumping in the bed...I just don't want to have to call the Dr. for any broken heads.

Allie is now almost 2 mts old!!! she is awake a ton more and precious as ever.

Today Trey go up and all he wanted to do was cuddle with Allie he wouldn't let her go! It was so cute. Allie had had enough but Trey just keep on giving her kisses and not the softest hugs.

Hanging out at the how our kids love the swings.

and this last pic of Trey I thought he looks like suck the Ladies man. he looks so old here. Wow how kids grow up fast.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Caitlins Baptism

This is Caitlin who got baptized this weekend. It was incredible to feel of her strength. For 5 years she has had mixed feeling about getting baptized. She was my EFY girl and we have stayed close ever since. She wanted to join the church when she was 14 but her parents said they would disown her and have nothing to do with it. So she secretly went for a while but is was very hard so just found a church her parents supported her in. Then at the beginning of October I got a call from her telling me she had looked up the missionaries and had them take her to church and she was on her way to her 1st discussion. She then finished all the discussions and know that the time was finally right for her to get baptized. Her parents were/are still 100% against it and said every bad thing you could ever say about the Church when she said she had started to go back to the LDS Church, however Caitlin went forward with faith anyway. (and didn't tell her parents)

I just want to say how proud I am of her and what an incredible example she is to all of us. Of how we need to sacrifice to follow our Heavenly Father. I know this is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ I know that I am a Daughter of God and that someday I can return to live with him again. There are so many things that I get wrapped up in, throughout life...but how important it is to REMEMBER who we truly are. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and know he lives!

Also this is Lorin's Seminary Class each of them wrote to Caitlin why they loved being members of this Church. It was incredible to read each of there testimonies as well and feel the strength of the youth today. Lorin loves teaching Seminary to this group of Seniors.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lorin with ALL it feels we have a lot of kids!

Lorin was a little overwhelmed as he placed all 3 kids in his arms. So far the transition to 3 has been way easier then our transition to 2. It helps that Allie is such a great baby. Lindi got "Croup" and has been real sick and Trey's top 2 eye-teeth finally popped through I have had two needy kids....with little sleep. But for the most part life is wonderful. Tomorrow we are headed to the bay area to witness Caitlin Fitzgibbons baptism. She was my EFY kid 5 plus years ago. It is incredible, Lorin is going to baptize her and I'm going to sing. I just hope our 3 kids do well with being sick and staying at a hotel.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pics of The Alster...a request from Uncle Spencer

Here are some better close ups of little Allie she is so far my best baby yet... she sleeps great, and eats great and really never cries. 3 weeks old!

Ward Halloween Party

Pumpkin Patch with Lindi's Preschool!!

Lindi goes to Preschool on Tue. and Thu with 3 other kids. Each of the 4 mom's take turns teaching. Lindi loves it! She is so smart she is starting to read short words. She knows all her letters big and small!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hangging Out

Here is just a few Pics from the past few mts. Of our days at home, with Friends and Family. Lorin in Guatamala - 4-Wheeling - Dress ups- Bath Time...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Allie Jane Brown

Allie Jane Brown
Oct. 9, 2007

This is the Letter I sent Abi out on her mission... it is the Story.

When I heard Grandpa Driggs might die I checked into all that would in tell for me being so close to having a baby. I called Dr. Barton (same Dr. who delivered Emily and Sophie) and got an appointment with him just in case. Well then when Grandpa did pass away I know there was no problem with going to Utah . I figured there are Dr. and Hospitals all over and it didn’t matter where I had this baby. So we drove up Friday.

For the viewing on Sunday, I felt just normal and like this baby wasn’t coming any time soon. But then that night she ‘Dropped’ and Monday at the funeral I was having tons of contractions and I thought I might have her that night. I was trying so hard not to make a scene with all the family that was around. It was hard not to since I was walking like I was going to blow and couldn’t stand at all. Well I made it through the day and that night things tapered off a little.

The next morning I went into Dr. Barton. I had made up in my mind that I was going to have this baby in Utah for sure, I know it wasn’t safe to go back with how my body was feeling…and I didn’t want to be in Utah for like 3 weeks so I wanted to have Dr. Barton start me or at least get things going. He helped me out and by 4:30 that day (after doing all the tricks in the book to get babies to come out) I went to the hospital. At 5:00 Jeff broke my water and from there on out I was moving right along. I was going to have this baby with out an epidural but with all the emotions from the week end I opted not to. Well Loirn, Mom, Dad and Trinnie were in the room with me and we were all just hanging out we put in our guesses to when Allie was coming. At 6:00 I was dilated to a about a 6 (you have to get to a 10) then my body slowed down and an hour later we all moved our guesses back one hour. Well Dad guessed Allie would be born at 8:49 pm…pretty close. It was crazy because the nurse didn’t come check me again tell like 8:45 and she was like, “Ok, you are ready let me go call the Dr…. just don’t sneeze.” I then asked Lorin to say a little prayer that everything would go well. As soon as he started the prayer I felt a weird feeling and the whole time just keep thinking. “just say amen...” over and over. As soon as he did say amen I ripped the sheets off of me and there was Allies head!!! For the next 15 min. it was crazy in the room. Mom ran out yelling, “We need a Dr. the babies head is out.” Trinnie was real close and caught the rest of the body and helped the nurse as the rest of the baby came out. Lorin didn’t know what to do. Then came and held my leg. A Dr. that was just out in the Hall ran in and helped after a little bit. He put Allie up on the medical table with all of the hard metal tools. And Mom tried hard to move them so it wouldn’t hurt Allie. I was just in disbelief.

Everything happed so fasted. It was incredible nonetheless. Birth is amazing.

Allie looks more like Trey than Lindi. She has lots of blond hair. I’ll send pics. I spent the next two days at the hospital and then went to Trinnies and spent 3 more. Now it is Sunday and we got back this afternoon I’m just so glad to be home. I am beat and want to get to bed. I will have to write more later. I just wanted you to know the exciting news and how it all went.