Monday, November 9, 2009


Just a few pictures from the Brown Family Halloween.
Tucker= Pumpkin... Allie=Care Bear...Trey=Ninja (I did buy a nice Black Spider man costume but he only ware it for about 5 min. and refused to put it on again) Lindi=Superwomen/Angel
Kelli= Scary dead lady... Lorin= Super Man and our friend Caitline=Witch
Lorin almost winning at the pie eating contest.
Allie after eating candy for two hours while trick-or-treating!
Lorin Happy as can be because he won a prize for Funniest costume of the Night.
Caitline and I hanging out, as I sat in my wheel chair so I wouldn't have to keep finding a seat.

Lindi! and all her Special Attention

Lindi My BIGGEST Star!
Lindi during Red Ribbon Week at school on Crazy Hair Day!

All the results from a hard night of Trick-or-Treating. I bought Lindi a very nice Super women costume but she refused to ware it the night of Halloween and came up with this 'Angel' costume all on her own. She surely has a mind of her own.

Lindi got to be the Bear of the week and make a special poster all about herself.
Lindi was also presented with the 'Academic All Star Award' for being such an incredible student. This is Lindi with her Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Sullivan. Lindi will really miss her.

These are my Two SUPER Heroes!!! Lorin got more into character than Lindi did. They were real cute at our Ward Halloween Party.

Lindi on her first field trip ever to the Pumpkin Patch! She also got to ride the bus for the first time. She had a great time!