Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update -Letter to ABI

For our update, yesterday We all hicked Half Domb (ward activity) and wow am I feeling it today! Lorin basicly ran up the mountan and hasn't worked out at all, I don't know how he does it. Sam, Emily and I went together on the way up and it was so fun to be with the two of them it will be a memory for life. I thought Sam would want to prove something and be real fast but he hung with us slow pockes until two miles left. The total hick was 19 miles.- Let me tell you it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Emily was a trooper at a 11 and making it to the very Top!!! Mom wasn't with us except for the drive which was a big bummer. Lorin, Sam and I went down together and ran almost the whole way. It was beautiful and an incredible day.
This was our last week of Preschool for the year for Lindi and I'm so proud that we keep it up the WHOLE year. I'm planning on doing it again next year too.
Thursday Night I took Sam on a date. We went to a nice restaurant and just had dessert. I had him bring his journal and we reminised about his life up to this point. I also did this with Spencer before he left on his mission, (made a JOY book/memory book). I asked him about his favorite memories thought out life ... High School and with every individual in the family. With each person I had him list like 3-5 memories. He had a hard time thinking of memories with everyone in the family except YOU! it was so sweet. We got to your name and he rolled like 6 memories off the top of his tong. We then went to Emily and after we were done talking about memories with her. I asked Sam who he looked up to the most growing was YOU! Your his closest sibling and I tried to explain to him that as much as he looks up to you, Emily looks up to him and to do is best when he comes Home to Love her and make her feel special. His eyes watered up and he just started to cry it was so sweet. I think it hit him that he was leaving! that this chapter of his life was closing and he wasn't going to be home anymore...or at least for the next 2 1/2 years. He is Off to Texas to sale security system a week after Graduation.
Mom was released from YW President today and she gave an incredible testimony. I was balling. She is an amazing example of someone who fulfills their calling. I need to step it up.
Well I love you and I've got to go. This was a good size letter, Points to me :) Once again I'm so glad you are safe and nothing happened more to you than loosing your purse. We pray for you always love you millions Kelli

wow wow I already sent Abi the letter and went and got in Bed and realized I didn't tell half the week. It was an ever eventful week. Spencer, Katie and Lance were in town and we played every night from Friday to Wednesday. We had a few BBQs, Game Nights, One night we went to a nice country club and all played tennis (on a clay court, Lorin was in Heaven) My uncle Warren and Cindy were in town too and it was so fun to be with them can catch up. Lance was a doll ...but Allie got the best of him and would crawl all over him beating him up It was pretty cute. Spencer and Katie are on there way to Washington for a summer internship and will have a blast. I loved being with you guys.