Monday, May 4, 2009

April Run Down-... Utah, Confrence, Easter, Blessing, Birthdays..FUN! .

What a Month! At the Last minuet we decided to go to Utah for Conference, Easter, to Bless Tucker, and celebrate Sophie and Makaylas Birthdays, and Much more.
I was so exhausted trekking 4 kids around after 16 days...but it was worth it with how much fun we had.
Conference was truly incredible I hadn't been to conference since I was in Primary and couldn't believe how inspired I felt being in the Conference center. We were able to go with Caitline F. who has been a member for about 18 mts now and it was a huge pay day for me to see her and how far she has come. The spirit was so strong and I didn't have to fight kids to listen!! It was great to spend quality time with Abi too.
Easter was also an incredible day. We blessed Tucker Leonard Brown. Both Lorin and I were able to feel of his name sake, my grandpa, and There is nothing like being surrounded by family at such an event. ( Thanks Mayer Fam. for letting us use your ward ...once again)
Easter was full of lots of Hunts, candy and fun. We went to an Easter egg hunt at my Uncle Ben's with the Driggs side. and one at Trinnies with all the Browns and close friends. Easter was nice and quiet as we spent the afternoon with Tash's Family and are kids played amazing.
Both Sophie and Makayla celebrated their 5th birthdays while we were there!!! How fun to have so many close cousins...aunts...and 2nd cousins for Lindi and my kids to play with. I had some great fun with Aunt Katie, Lance and my cuz Molly and her kids at Wheeler Farm. Also one day Katie and I spent 6 Hours at the park. But then other SNOWED! We got to play with my Friend Heidi Belcher Peterson one day whom I love and her three kids...
Wow as I write this I could go on and on of all the Fun we had. No wonder I was so tiered. Lorin didn't get to really play at all he the trip was a work trip and he didn't shy from working.
One of the greatest highlights for me is Kathy Brown took the time and did a therapy session using sand and little figures. I haven't let a day go by where I haven't thought of what I learned from that hour of time and how I can be a better mom. It is always great to see a weakness and then try and work on making it better.
My cousin Alex's wedding was a blast. You should have seen my Nana busting a move. She is incredible. I also got to go one day to the "What a girl Wants" expo with her and other extended fam. Overall it was a 10+ trip!!!
Then the next weekend back Spencer and His family came into town and wow it was also a blast. We went to the rodeo parade, played games, and had a photo taking afternoon. It was fun to stay up late and talk and watch little Lance as he dove right in with all my kids. I could have had them stay another five days.