Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update on the Brown Team -Sent this to Abi on the Mission!

Allie is now all over the place. She is my fastest mover. Yesterday she went from our front door into our play room which is like 25 feet. She is so much like Lindi when she was little in the fact that she has to always be discovering something new, I am out of ideas of what else I can let her play with. She is always moving...never stops; this is one of the reasons I think she is so small...5th percentile in weight or less. She just had 2 teeth pop through on Thursday, which wasn't enjoyable. Allie loves REAL PEOPLE food, she struggled to eat at first but now is a champ. I can now give her tons of stuff; tonight she had waffles for dinner.
Lindi is really into coloring. She is a perfectionist with not going out of the lines. She has a "slow and steady gets the job done" - crafty side. I have loved teaching her pre-school this year because I have seen how she learns compared to the other kids...her strengths and weaknesses. Lindi is my biggest helper, I didn't know a 4 year old could do so much, it is so nice to have an extra set of hands.
Trey is such a trooper. His arm hasn't slowed him down- he is always on the go. He went to our Fathers and Sons this weekend with Lorin which was on a lake, boating for 2 days straight. Trey is a total Daddy's boy. He won't come to me for anything unless Lorin is at work - Treys favorite people are #1his Dad #2 Mimi ( my mom) and #3 Emily ( my sister) I think he has them wrapped around his finger because he can get all 3 of them to do whatever he wants ... and he doesn't like me because I don't let him get away with stuff. It is still a major struggle to get him to go to bed. Tonight he screamed at his door... and when we finally came to check on him he was fast asleep on the floor -right as you walk in.
Lorin is quite sore because he went boating Thu, Fri, and Sat...and wants to go Monday too.
Lorin is also excited because this is his last week of teaching seminary for the year. Both he and the Seniors are ready for summer.
Saturday I taught a class for our stake Faith in God Activity.(8-11 yr old girls) It was on the Holy Ghost...I taught the class for 30 min 5x. I have a new respect for teachers. I was so tired and confused with which class I taught what. Overall it went well and I'm glad it is over. Next Lorin and I are training to hick the Half dome in Yosemite national Park. It will be a fun day trip to take with the youth of our ward.
There is an update on the Brown Team

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lindi's 4th Birthday ....& Trey's Broken Arm!

Lindi's Birthday.
The best part of the whole day is she can now chew GUM

This is Lindi on her birthday loaded with make-up. As soon as she woke up she asked, "Now Mom can I have lip stick, Lip liner, eye shadow, blush and Mascara!" Ya she is only 4 I'm in trouble
Saturday May 3rd Lindi Turned 4! So is getting so big. Sam was Danny in Grease so we went and saw his play and then went to the park after for Linid and Mark (my mom's cuz) Birthdays.
I think Allie and I look alike here and I had to throw this picture in here because my kids always tend to look like Lorin.
Playing in the Backyard we bought a new pool out back and have started to put it to good use, but now it has to be on hold until Treys cast is off.

Broken ARM
Trey decided to Dive out of his crib last Friday and broke his forearm ... it wasn't a clean break but we still had to go to the ER and get X-rays and the whole bit. then the following Monday we went in and got a little blue cast. He is a trooper and I am really having a hard time keeping him in his bed. He dosn't get to bed until like 9:30 or 10 and we start Bed time at 7:30

His cast goes all the way to his armpit. He is getting pretty good with his left hand too. but is so unstable, he falls all the time.
This is how I found him a sleep one of the days...ya lets just say it is a battle!

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