Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hanging out with the Brown Family.

Hear is a little update from the Brown Team.
Lindi loves to push Allie around in her stroller, and Allis is in love with Babies. This makes for a great combo. Lindi's favorite toy is Allie and Allie's is babies; so I'm a little nervous with the new born baby that is on his way.
We got this fun new toy at a garage sale for $5 and the kids have loved it. They think the top is another seat. And Allie is a good driver too.
Allie really is my mover and shaker. She is always into something this week was a little crazy. Sunday night she took a real big fall of the couch as she stood up to a stroller that was on the couch, which rolled off and she went with it face first into our rocking horse. She beat up her face pretty bad. My heart sank every time I saw her. It has now been a week and she is finally looking back to normal. I think she bused her whole right side of her face she could barely open her eye. This picture doesn't even do it justice.

Allie learned to walk her first steps this week I don't have video but she can stand up in the middle of the room and then take 3 steps before she then falls and starts to crawl. I'll try and get a video up soon. but she doesn't like to walk with me around just on her own so it is hard to capture. She also learned to crawl up onto our kitchen chairs and then onto the top of the table. I now need to make sure all the chairs are pushed in, so we don't get any more faces like this.Allie makes messes wherever she is. She is very fast, when she gets in the bear crawl, which is up on her feet and hands.

Lindi Learning to ride a Bike.
Lindi has been asking us for about 6 weeks to take off her training wheels and teach her to ride a bike. I have been real hesitant since she seems so young. Well it was a nice night on Wednesday and so we decided to try it. She did great for about 10-15 min. but then realized it was a lot harder then it looks. Lorin followed behind her and just helped to get the feel of riding and balancing. It was a good first lesson. Well through out the week she has now been teaching herself, which that is how she always likes to learn. She has been in the back yard and simple practices balancing and starting with just a one rotation of the peddles. So here are a few pictures from the night...

1. Lindi before we started
Here is a little Video

2. Lindi when she had had enough3. Lorin suggesting they take a ride on a "real bike" and the two of them taking a spin around the neighborhood.

Lindi is in love with writing her letters. This week for preschool I made a worksheet with little picture in boxes (like a; hat, cat, yo yo, table, apple) and the 3 little girls had to look at the picture decide what letter it started with and then write that letter on the line below. I was amazed at how well they all did. Sophi didn't need help with the whole sheet and Lindi asked me to make dotes to trace for 2 of the letters, 'W' and 'G' I realized that Lindi knows lots more than I gave her credit. We also stared memorizing the kindergarten sight words, there are about 30 (ie:is, the, go, no, I, A, to, we, me..) Lindi is loving it. Today at church she just keep putting letters together and asking if it spelled a word. Sometimes it did like, no, go, pot... but other time it was like, "hgpunw" When I said explained wasn't a word she would get all discuraged and try again. It is fun to have her so excited to learn. Also as you can see from this picture she is in love with taking pictures of herself. Every time I go to down load pictures I find at least 4 or 5 like this, well usually not so good.
Trey! wow he is my buddy right now. Most of his life he has always prefer his Dad over me. Well the last week is doesn't want Lorin at all and just wants Mom. It is so fun to feel like the favorite after two and a half years!!! He loves to snuggle up with me in the mornings and have me put him to bed. He has honestly been a dream to potty train. in 3 weeks I have only had to clean up one #2 and like 6 -#1's !!! and he wears a dipper to bed but has only wet in his dipper 2x!!! I hope all my kids can be like this. He is in love with Tarzan the Disney movie and acts like he is Tarzan all the time. He also loves swards, slings and drums! This is a picture of Trey acting like a tiger in a bear costume we need a few more boy dress ups.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mattching Outfits

Saturday I went to get an oil change for the car at Wal-Mart and it took...2 Hours with all 3 kids
so I looked through fabric and Lindi picked some and had me make us 3 girls
Matching dresses. It was fun to be back on the sewing machine.
Sunday the girls and Emily(I gave her mine) ware the outfits and we took pictures.

Also I potty trained Trey this last week and he was awesome. Treys personality is one to "watch others" until he knows he can do it and then he just does it. The first 2 days we only had 2 small accidents. (church was a desaster) and then the rest of the week was incredible. He still forgets and starts a little in his pants then runs to the bathroom. but over all 10 times easyer than Lindi (not that I'm compairing) He just seems so much bigger now!

Lindi 4

I am So proud of my little Lindi who isn't so little any more. Wednesday we went boating and Lindi saw a 7 yr old girl water ski and said, "Can I go next?" she was so excited and ready to try. She got up on her 1st try and finally we had to stop the boat because she went for so long and Lorin was hanging out in the water, since he helped her start. She was grinning from ear to ear and hasn't stop talking about it. The water Ski was a 'U' shape ...great for beginners.
We also went boating today and she was crazy on the tube. She wants to be so big and will live up to the next age around her. Which today was two 11 yr olds. Lindi puts her mind to something and does it. She is my confident little go getter.

And I have to add a few Pictures of the rest of the Family. Emily Wake surfed for the 1st time and was so excited. She has been staying with us for 2 weeks as she started school and my family is up in Utah getting Sam started at UVU (UVSC in Orem UT).
The Allie is always ready to pose for a picture it is great.
Trey likes boating because of all the treats and junk we always bring. He also tubed and did awesome. He has little emotion on his face the whole time. He is so mellow and go with the flow.