Friday, October 23, 2009

Moving To UTAH

It looks like we are finally going to move to Utah. We have been in the process of buying a "Short Sale" house for six months. It finally went through and we will be moving to Riverton, south SLC. It looks like we will be their right before Thanksgiving.
We have loved Clovis CA and are so sad to leave, but also excited to live close to family and be in a home to fit our family and business.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

#5----It's A Girl!!!

It's A Girl!

Well as you can see from the photo I'm Pregnant! and right now you might be as shocked as I was when I found out. My legs started hurting just about the time school started near the end of August. So I started doing some researched to go have them worked on. Well just before I went to make the aptment I decided I just better take a test and make sure I wasn't pregnant. Well ... I was. Lets just say I was shocked and had no clue since I was nursing and preventing. However, I have now come to my scenes and am so excited. This little girl is suppose to be in our home and if there is one thing I know God is in control. So I made an apointment with the doctore and I was hopping with all my might that I was at least 6 weeks pregnant. She then said "wow you are 17 weeks pregnant and it looks like your having a little girl." I was so excited to be so far...I have heard about women like this but always thought they must be so out of it. So now I can relate. So my due date is March 19th (Trey's birthday) and I will have 5 kids -5 years old and under!
All I guess I can say is- BRING IT ON! and will you all please pray for my legs!
I know Heavenly Father is ever mindful of me and lifts me even when I don't think I can do it any longer. I just want to testify that if we go to Him he will carry us. One of my favorit scripture is Matt 11:28-30 Come unto me all the labor and are of heavy laden and I will give you rest. I know God lives and has a plan for me and my BIG family.

October Update- Allie's 2nd Birthday

Allie celebrated her 2nd Birthday on Oct 9th! She is such a joy! she has so many faces and excitement for life. She loves phones, shoes, coloring and babies...especially Tucker. She wouldn't go an any rides at Chuck E. Cheese until I said I needed her to help Tucker go. Then she didn't want to stop.

The pictures of Lorin and Trey are an everyday thing at our house...Lego's, Lego's, and more Lego's. Lorin gets more into it than the kids it is fun to watch. He put together these men in between general conference... a good 2 hour activity!

Tucker is now all over the place, he loves the stairs, and tries hard to crawl as fast as the kids run. He is such a happy easy baby.
Trey is loving his time at home with Lindi at school. We have had a ton more one on one time. He has made a corner of the Toy room into "his room" and spends hours to himself just happy as can be with Lego's, dinosaurs and swards.

Lindi was part of a Jog-a-thon and ran laps to earn $$$ for her school this is her and her class just after it finished.

September Update

-Hanging out with Friends
-Lindi's coloring for her lemonade stand
-camping at Shaver Lake with our Family
-learning to ride a bike

Learning to ride a BIKE! Sep 9th
Now she is one crazy biker she practices everyday and goes anywhere and everywhere.

August Update

-Trip to Utah to find a house
-Water park with Joy and Brooke Brandon
-Family Night outing to the Fresno Temple
-Packing for UT ...but still waiting
-Lorin sold his "Hog" a bitter sweet.
-Lindi started Kindergarten with Mrs. Sullivan she is in Heaven and is doing incredible. She has spelling words for homework and spends hours writing, counting and working and getting smarter all the time. She was 5 or 25 kids to get her ABC Club pin and 2 of 25 to getter her Spelling Bee pin (knowing all the sounds of the letters) during the 1st week. She works on reading all the time and just gets better and better. It is incredible to see her shine and love school so much. I also love the free time it opens up!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Website

Lorin here. I have hijacked the blog. Looks like I might have to take over for Kelli since her recent posting activity has taken a bit of a lag. Lots to blame it on but that is for another blog.

I wanted to let everyone know we have launched a new website: We have learned a lot of great lessons over the past two years and decided to implement those ideas on a second website.

Here are some of the great new features:

  • Easy to Navigate (search by brand, furniture type, color, fabric, etc.)
  • FREE Shipping on everything! It doesn't matter what state you live in, we deliver there (we can even deliver to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii for a bit of an additional fee)!
  • New Brands! We have added Pulaski, Classic Home, Central Oriental Rugs, and many more.
  • Coupon Codes. We have added lots of new features that allow you to receive coupon codes for additional savings.
  • Follow us on Twitter! We are also going to start offering up daily deals and coupon codes via twitter. We have lots of new items that are "One of a Kind" that will immediately get posted to our twitter fan base. Twitter Follow.
Thanks to all of your for posting our FiveStarSource sticker. Go ahead and replace that sticker with our new sticker. All of the simple instructions are here:

To show our appreciation, we are offering a $30 credit for shopping on our site just for adding the sticker to your blog. Simply send us an email and we will send you the $30 credit.

Thanks again for being so awesome! Let us know if we can help you find anything specific!