Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AZ ... keep going from Disney to see Spence and Fam.

After Disney Land we keep on going to Arizona to visit with Spencer, Katie and Lance. We all stayed in their Apt. and had as much of a blast as you can with 4 kids 3 and under(well Sophie and Lindi Turning 4). We saw Spencer's Band, Global Sounds, perform at a Regional Night for his School (Thunderbird international Business School) They were incredible Spencer sounded as good as ever and shines when he performs . He loves to perform and be on stage. He is doing so awesome at school and will be done in Aug. and then who knows where they will head.Katie is the cutest mom. I love to see her be Spencer's biggest Cheerleader!! she always talks so positive about people and constantly strives to be a better person. I wish I could have her zest for life. It is so fun to see how she loves being a mom and how Lance is the Joy of her life.
Lance is Spencer and Katie's Little angle, he is 9 mts and truly a stud. He is incredibly content and happy! It is fun to see because he watches his energetic parents and sooner or later will be just like them.
Sunday Night I had all the Family come to a BBQ- Ben, Becca, Quentin and MaryEllen, Spencer and Katie with all the Kids. It was nice to just sit an enjoy the AZ sun.

This is Allie (6mts) Lance (9mts) and Cole (9mts) all Happy as can be just hanging with the cousins. These are Allies least I hope they can be close over the years to come.
Monday we played with Amber my roommate and best friend from SUU and her two kids at the pool she is so incredible and busy as every she truly can handle so much at all times she is a full time mom, teaches preschool, swim lessons and so much more. She is always moving a million miles a minuet. I love her so much and wish we could have at least carried on more than a 4 minuet conversation when we were together. ( it is just to hard with 9 kids at the Pool)
I also went to the pool with Trinna Peterson- she is also incredible with two little twin boys (almost 2 years old) that keep her moving, being the Bishops wife and surviving as Nate wraps up Tax season, and Constant Church responsibilities. She truly is someone who emulates Christ and has a constant desire to follow him I always want to be a better person when I am around her.

These Girls are my little angels they are truly best friend, they are so good at watching out for each other, playing and giggling.

Disney Land

For Lindi and Sophie's 4th Birthday we (My mom, Emily and I) took the 4 kids to the happiest place on earth....Disney Land!
The Girls ware their princess dresses and it was so fun as they too felt they were like Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. They were even asked by two different people to take a picture with them. Emily saved us on the trip because we needed an adult to sit with each kid on all the rides. We didn't even get in the park tell 1:00 and left at 10:00pm with 4 sleeping exhausted kids. Our walk back to the car was quite the sight with Allie and Lindi asleep in the stroller, Sophie asleep sitting up on top of the stroller and Trey asleep in my arms with an hour walk back to the car since we couldn't take the shuttle.

This picture looks wrong because no one was around but it was an incredibly busy day. We waited in a ton of lines Lindi and Sophie like the roller coaster in toon town the very best we went 2x. They were even in the very front ...their faces were priceless as they were filed with fear then looked around and saw everyone else and quickly changed to incredibly excited.
Trey was such a trooper, no nap and we stood in lots of lines and he was always so happy. He loved the Buzz lightyear and Car rides the best. He seemed scared with lots of rides as well but just sat close and didn't budge. He didn't get to close to the Cartoon Characters as you can see with Mickey.
The Allienater was also our little Princess. She is truly a perfect little angle. Every time you look at her she gives you a big smileOh and PS . Since I haven't blogged in a while Lindi did cut her hair all by her self. She decided that She wanted to go to Sophie's one morning and I said she couldn't tell the next day because I was going to get my haircut and Mimi was watching her that she could go tomorrow. we with in 10 min. she found the haircutting sizers and cut her hair. I only had to fix about 4 cuts to even it out other than that she did it all her self. She cut bangs two days latter as well . It has taken some getting use to I miss the long hair.