Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feb-March Picture Update

*Kelli's 27th Birthday
*Trey's 3rd Birthday
*Park Play Day
*Lindi & Kelli @ the Dentists
*Playing @ home since I rarely Leave...to hard with 4.
*Playing on Dad's Phone when he is home from work.
*Sam Staying with us for a week before he lef
I sure love my kids- They are the Joy of my life. I'm the Luckiest Person alive. It makes all the difference to be well again. Being crippled sure makes life hard. I can accomplish so much now that I'm not pregnant it is crazy I now can do all I need to and still have a little time for myself. I've tried to take Pres.Uchtdorfs advice and create check it out.

We sure have fun here at the "Brown Team" house! Always playing...cleaning...and making food!
There is nothing better and harder in the world than being a mom. Advice I got today from my Aunt Natalie was, " The days are long but the years are short" so enjoy it!

Cancun Mexico with Brett and Trinnie

Here is a little piece of Heaven!!! 8 DAYS worth!!! We were able to go to an all inclusive resort with Lorin's Sister Trinnie and her husband Brett and the two babies. It was truly incredible we never left the resort and Socked up the sun in the shade because of the babies, eat, played tennis and relaxed.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I needed this!!!
Just for the day...
1. Kids jumping on tramp with scissors
2. Trey smashed 3 eggs all over the back patio
3. Lindi and Trey decided to run out fount and disappeared
and it has taken me 2 hours to now pay my bills online.
and it is just 3:00pm I'm sure there is much more ahead.

but I did get a great talk in with Katie my sister-in-law....love her and the other night I started creating! a patch work quilt and it felt amazing!