Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo op -Gone Bad

So today I tried doing another Photo op of my little kids. And lets say It just was not as successful as I would have liked. I did get some cute pictures but not a good one of all 4 of them together. I needed 2 more sets of hands.

Movie clip of the treat after...

January Update

Tucker Leonard
Is my little cuddle buddy; sad but true I really never hold him unless I'm feeding him or in the middle of the night, but I love evey chance I get! Tucker is a perfect baby. He sleeps great, doesn't freak out when he is attacked by his siblings, and eats consistently every 3 hours. I sure love having him in our home, and the spirit he brings. He is now 9.9 lbs vs 6.1 lbs- after only 4 weeks, my milk must be cream.

Allie Jane
Allie is our little Joy she is always happy. Just the last four days she has been sick and even then she is really pretty happy. Allie loves to color, she tries to copy her big sister. However I'm working on keeping the crayons out of reach because she doesn't get that you can only color on paper...not walls, tables, chairs and the fridge. Her hair is getting real long, as you can see I was able to braid it! She also knows tons of Animal noises and likes to point out parts of her body like her nose, tongue, cheeks, head, toes... She is picking up a few words but doesn't talk much. She also likes to make faces for different emotions like "Happy Face" Sad...Surprised...Thinking and Mad Face. She is a true Joy!!!

Treyton Lorin
Trey has entered the "I can do it myself" stage big time. He likes to have an opinion on what he wears and if any article of clothing gets wet or dirty in any way he has to change...well get naked and stay not dressed as long as possible. He has to go potty like his Dad so he stands on the toilet seat and squats, since he can't reach. He also has to wear underwear to bed but has not made it through the night without peeing his bed, making tons of extra laundry for me. Trey loves Movies. He is capable of watching the TV all day; he'll set out all the movies he wants to watch and even go look through movies as if they were books. He is just understanding the difference in gender and constantly tells us he is a boy and Tucker and Dad are boys. Since Trey figured out Tucker is a boy, he has taken a special interest in his little brother. Trey's new bad habit is sucking on all his fingers, a habit I want to break. Trey is all boy! He loves all the new boy toys from Christmas, his Batman, action figures, Handy Mandy tools and his Crocodile.
Trey with is choice of Sunday atire on Lorin's 29th Birthday
The only time our Toy room is ever clean..with his hand in his mouth.

Lindi Jonna
"My biggest Helper" I can't say enough of how grateful I am to have Lindi. I don't think I could be a mom of 4 little kids without Lindi by my side. At four and a half she truly takes on a mother role. Lindi is so conscious of her siblings and their needs. She watches out for them and helps keep the action going; at times too much and gets in their faces. When she is gone I become the entertainer and I don't always have time for it. Lindi gets mad at me if I start to change Allie's diaper and don't let her do it. She is obsessed with "Momma Mia" She now has all the music downloaded and she walks around with head phones and sings the songs. She has a love for music! She is so smart and has the most incredible memory I've ever known. I wish at times is wasn't so good. She is our little Mom.I even heard her tell her dad the other day that she can do everything that mom can do!