Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun 2010

Lindi's 6th birthday Party

Chloe at 4months old

What I spend a ton of time doing

Lindi's 1st loose tooth

4th of July fireworks...but we left at 9pm and didn't stay just listened to the bands play.

More and more these two look like twins. they weight only 4oz apart.

Granny's birthday party at Mayer's house with blow up slide

Lindi desperately trying to hold on.

Chloe's blessing picture hanging in my house! She truly is my Gift!

Playing with cousins!!! and more cousins!

TP night with my 14-15 yr old YW! Fun night getting the presidency!


Tony & LaVerne said...

Well, it looks like your having a great summer! I love the picture in the bathroom! lol I can attest that a mother spends a lot of time in that location! You kids have such a cute family!

Lindsay said...

How FUN!!! So many great pictures! I need to bring Weston over soon to play! He just loves your kids! And if you ever need to go anywhere, let me know and Weston and I can just come over and hang out for a while! For sure!

Brynn and Jared said...

your kids are so beautiful!

Mary said...
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K'Lyn said...

I have just been thinking about you and would love to hear the goings on. Since I know I am not the only person who would like to know I thought it would be easier for you to do a blog post. I hope everything is great for your sweet family. If you are still close to Idaho it would be so fun to have you all come up for a visit. Take care.